The RAF Moderna tomato from Chacón Nature. A product that stands out for its exclusivity by presenting a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, and a delightful texture and sensation on the palate, as well as its vitamin intake that makes it an excellent antioxidant. Also, our product has iron and magnesium.


RAF Moderna tomato is quite similar to the other we grow. However, there are some visual aspects, such as a deeper color and a smoky effect, as well as a greater crispness when presenting a skin with a greater degree of thickness and consistency.


The soil, water and climate conditions required by this tomato variety mean that it can only be produced in the province of Almería, specifically in the area of ​​La Cañada, El Alquián and the Comarca de Níjar.


It is presented in a 3 kilo box format. Choose the proportion you want of more ripe tomato (sweeter and ready to eat). The aggregation of this option has been chosen because it is the one that most adapts to a large number of consumers, since less ripe tomatoes will provide considerably a longer product life as a whole.

RAF Moderna Chacón Nature Tomato 3 Kilograms