Chacón Nature is specialized in RAF tomato production, also known as Marmande tomato, more specically Dumas variety. Our product definitely stands out form the crowd for its appearance with a ribbed form with an accentuated green dark neck. This variety emanates a pleasant aroma and it has the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. 


Our tomato is rich in vitamin C so it makes it the perfect antioxidant. Also, it has vitamin A, E and K as well as iron and potassium. 


We have four different sizes: GGG, GG, G and M.


Product presentation and conservation is essential. For this reason, we have carried out an in-depth research about which is the most suitable packaging  for our products without forgetting Chacón Nature essence, that is, our distinguished quality, authenticity, and exclusivity. 

We have four different options: one-layer box (30 x 40 x 15cm) and two-layer box (30 x 40 x 15cm) which are uncovered and one-layer box (30 x 40 x 15cm) and two-layer box (30 x 40 x 15cm) which are covered, ready to be shipped individually.

We are a family fruits and vegetables organization founded in 2007. We specialize in RAF tomato production, transformation, and commercialization.

04117 Níjar, Almería, Spain. Natural Park of Cabo de Gata

Email: info@rafnature.com

Telephone Number: +34 661 80 60 53


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