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We are a fruit and vegetable organization, established in 2007. We produce, handle, package, label, and commercialise RAF tomatoes or also known as Marmande, more specifically Dumas variety. Our business idea emerged as a full of energy, illusion, and dedication project in order to provide to our customers the best fruits and vegetables by following an innovative and different way of production.

We bet on natural, organic, and friendly-environment methods. For this reason, the plant nutrition is based on using green fertilizer as well as biological control for pests and diseases by using native auxiliary fauna.


To recover and offer to society the original quality and taste of fruits and vegetables.


To have a worldwide recognition in the fruit and vegetables sector while boosting a new method of respectful, organic, and quality production.

“Take care of your crops, treat them fondly, respect the natural environment and leverage natural resources given by the planet.” 

Jesús Castillo, founder and Chacón Nature CEO

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